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Poodle Pie

I hope you'll find this new range as delicious as I do.

Here's how to make a Poodle Pie (six other flavours are available)



1 Good Quality Brush Pen (Black)

1 Large Poodle (for reference)

3 Spoonfuls of Colour 

1 Vintage Fabric

1 Dickie Bow 



Mix the brush pen and photographic reference thoroughly onto a good quality paper, be sure not to over do it.

Once ready (this can take a while) pour into a large Mac (Apple is best) look at the consistency and fiddle with

the remaining ingredients repeatedly for several months on and off. Finally, to garnish, take one image of a

vintage fabric, shape carefully into a dickie bow and add. Leave to stand for several weeks more – you can

usually tell when everything is ready just by looking at it. Best served mid September 2013.


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