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BigJon the store. Can you imagine it? I can, and often do. In fact I have every single thing about it all sorted - in my head.


OK, so I know it's probably barmy to even think about opening a bricks and mortar store these days, it seems that all that are thriving are hairdressers (which I've no need for anymore) and coffee shops (need). And that chain of stores 'ToLet' are booming aren't they? I have no idea what they sell, and they never seem to be open but they must be doing something right.


A BigJon store in the perfect location is still something I think about when I'm grilling a tomato or watching the show jumping. I know the music that will be playing (loud), what the staff will look like (handsome) and the stuff it will be filled with (handsome).


Earlier this week I was in need of an inspiration day, the fans among you will know that this is something I get pleasure from and need on a regular basis to keep me sane. These were some of the stores that caught my eye. There's a theme emerging don't you think?


Here are my top 10 store front must haves & maybes:


1. A little bench outside so I can tut at people who linger. 
2. A bike for no reason other than it will look nice. 

3. Definitely a black or dark, dark, dark, exterior colour. 
4. Overall aesthetic - simple but not too stark. 
5. Perfectly cosy lighting in the evening so revellers make a note of popping in when we're open. 
6. Some low maintenance flora and fauna. 
7. A large nose friendly window. 
8. The number of the shop spelt out in letters AND numerals - any excuse for some typography action. 
9. Architecture should be period or ultra modern, nothing in between. 
10. A gorgeous pied-a-terre above it and a perfect little atelier at the back of it. 


What are your ingredients for the perfect store?


A massive thumbs up to all those independent and creative businesses that have taken the plunge. Thank you, you are an inspiration.


DON'T FORGET! Our Summer sale is now on - get ANY 6 cards for £10 - yes you did read that right - (includes UK P&P).

All images: BigJon

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