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Sandqvist Stockholm


In a few weeks I am taking my first trip to Stockholm. Have you been? If so then any suggestions or tips will be most welcome. One place I will be making a special visit to is the Sandqvist store.


This brilliant bag brand is just 10 years old and plays a vital part in my life every day. It's not often that you come across brands which can combine elegance with style and function as well as ticking the 'masculine' box. And you know how I like a tick in my man box.


My life support system (Apple Airbook) leaves the house in the comfort of my very own Sandqvist every day (bottom two images). Now two years old it gets better with age. Every time use it I smile and I'm convinced the Airbook is smiling too.


As they say in Sweden "Lysande!" Read the Sandqvist story here.                                                   

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