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Corners are overrated. Unless it's a cosy table in my favourite restaurant I'd rather have things round.

So much so that my God children think I draw circles for a living. Only this week I sent off a brand new range

to the printers (more on that in a future post) and sure enough circles played a big part in the design.


I can sniff out a decent ring a mile off, even if it's old and battered like some of the ones I came across in France. All of those above were discovered whilst on my recent travels. I'm a boon to go away with if you don't like having your picture taken. Show me a big old hoop and I'm straight in there.


In fact, stop whatever you're doing right now and just look around you. How many can you see? They're everywhere. When you start looking for them it's really quite unnerving, especially when they start looking back at you. Now I've put it into your head you'll go round the twist spotting them all over. It's exhausting. You'll have two big dark ones under your eyes before you know it.


So three cheers for the circle. All round a jolly good fellow.


See some more brilliant circles here.

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