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If you follow me on instagram you'll know that I recently spent time in Copenhagen with my other half. We had a brilliant time and it was great to take a break away from the routine of life - which has been especially busy these last few months.


Earlier this year we visited Stockholm (also for the first time), Copenhagen has it's merits but we couldn't help compare the two cities and we concluded that Stockholm has the X Factor. Copenhagen just didn't have the heart and soul we were expecting. Have you been? What's your opinion?


Some Copenhagen highlights - most of which are food related which should come as no surprise:


The Brazil Burger at Cocks & Cows

Open sandwiches at Hallernes in the food market TorvehallerneKBH

The Christmas market and fair at Tivoli Gardens

Negronis at Nimb Hotel

The tasting menu at Verandah

The staff and atmosphere at Granola


All images BigJon

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