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I'M IN LOVE. You will recall that I recently fell in love with Stockholm. Whilst I was there I also fell in love with the most brilliant shop I have visited in a massive while. Cards & Things is a small but perfectly formed jewel of a stationery store run by the delightful Lena & her business partner Anna-Johanna. And as if that wasn't enough to swoon over Lena also has one of my dream dogs, a black boy poodle called Curre (pronounced Coo-re) who, I might add, has a 'lamb cut' hairstyle. This is probably a good point to remind you that this isn't a dream I had, this is real kids.

I first met Lena when she visited Top Drawer with her sister Barbara who has a shop in Mallorca that stocks BigJon (which I will be visiting for the first time this summer), so I already knew that good taste was in the family - but Cards & Things is off the scale.


It really is the closest I have come to discovering my dream scenario. A small studio at the back (behind the grey curtain) from which Lena & Anna-Johanna run their well established, successful interior design business, and at the front the most wonderfully curated stationery store. I use the word curated because this kind of thing doesn't happen by accident. Everywhere you look there are little pockets of staging and styling so brilliant and charming I wanted to weep. It's filled to the brim with fantastic stationery brands from around the world all of whom should feel proud and privileged to be part of this unique space.

Talking of fantastic stationery brands, there was only one thing missing. There wasn't a BigJon design to be seen. Once I'd stopped threatening to have the shop closed down for being too darn wonderful, Lena finally came to her senses and as she picked herself up off the floor and dried her eyes agreed to stock some BigJon products. I'm now beyond happy to say that some bespoke Swedish language cards from my best selling Mirror Mirror range will be gracing her perfect shelves as of next week.


If you ever go to Stockholm, go here, you will not be disappointed.

Thank you Lena (& Curre) xx

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