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Yesterday I was knee deep in Christmas, Easter was but a distant memory.


There are so many brilliant things about running your own stationery business (as well as several really annoying ones) but one of my favourites is getting to do a photoshoot. I spent the day over in Clerkenwell working with the brilliant and multi-talented Darryl Stoodley. I'm never happier than when I'm putting together what I like to call the 'Hero' shots. These are the main images you'll have seen over on my home page. Staging and propping them is my idea of heaven and thankfully Darryl gets a kick out of it too. It's a chance to bring a range to life and give it a sort of narrative, but above all, have some fun. It's a tricky business making sure that props and backgrounds enhance the designs and don't distract or overpower them. But when all the elements do finally come together after much fiddling and rearranging and the composition just works I am stupidly happy.


Altogether we shot seven Hero images two of which are the Christmas ranges which you'll remember I first

showed back in January. In addition I finally got around to shooting the new ranges Hello Flower and Cunning Linguist which I was banging on about back in October, sorry for the wait. They will both be available online in the next few weeks, if not before. And in case you were wondering it's 245 days until Christmas, so plenty of time yet before those ranges are available.


And what about the other three? I hear you holler. All in good time my lovelies. All in good time.

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