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The School Of BigJon

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I rarely need an excuse to buy new stationery, I've got a house full of notebooks to prove it.

The same goes for when I was just a LittleJon, a new term at the Big Girls School meant a trip to Woolworths

or if I was feeling flush WHSmths. And it wasn't just my milkshake that brought all the boys to the yard,

children would travel for miles to sniff my cherry pencil.


Here are my Top 5 Back-To-School-Must-Haves. The question for the class is – what are yours?


1. Exercise Book. Promise me you'll only fill it with your neatest handwriting.

2. Pencils. To HB or not to HB that is the question.

3. Novelty Pencil Sharpener. You can lead a horse to water but a pencil must be lead.

4. Novelty Eraser. "Can I borrow your rubber Jonny?" 

5. Pencil Case. No you can't borrow it.


From top: BigJon as LittleJon, Notebook: Present & Correct, Pencils: Earmark Social Goods

Pinocchio Pencil Sharpener: Kikkerland Whale Eraser: Jonathan Adler Wooden Pencil Case: Letterology

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