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Labour of Love

The website is one month old today and although I'm still sore in places - I couldn't love it more.


Today is the perfect opportunity to say a BigJon thank you to every one of you who has been so kind and 
generous with words of congratulations and general cooing – it's hugely appreciated.


Thank you to all the first class doctors and nurses at Aeolidia for helping me bring it into the world, you epitomise the 'brilliant people' I often speak of. A special scream goes out to chief midwife Meg for being a total star from start to finish, I couldn't have been in safer or more talented hands. You listened and understood my vision and concerns from the off and exceeded any hopes I had for the logo and web design a million times over.


And not forgetting Zak, for sorting out my backend, often neglected but so important, if your backend is buggered then all the blood, sweat and tears would be for nothing.


In these first four weeks I've taken orders from heaps of brilliant people across the globe including, Australia, Ireland, Jersey, Singapore, and of course the UK. So finally, thank you to my wonderful fulfilment people without whom there would be a lot of empty mantelpieces up and down the land.

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