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I like to think of Shoreditch as a kind of enema for the eyes. All geniuses get a blockage from time to time and I am no exception. If my creative juices are ever in need of some lubrication then a trip to the area can work wonders. Last Friday I did just that. There's a photo opportunity on every corner along with a decent coffee (also good for a blockage) which you'll find at Allpress and most important of all for anyone in an artistic quandary - a tasty lunch. After all it wasn't just my eyes that needed feeding.


A visit to Camille Walala's Happy House, a dose of cuckoo colour combos and a spoon full of titillating type were just what the doctor ordered. I came away feeling brighter, lighter, and thoroughly inspired.


You can see more of Camille Walala's brilliant work including the before picture of the Happy House here.

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