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Stand K25, Earls Court, London


For my latest Trade Show at Earls Court I was obviously channelling Lady Gaga's stock room. After much planning and two days setting up I was bowled over with how the stand finally took shape - especially as it was BigJon's first public outing since last years rebrand and everyone's hard work and good wishes (thank you all).


A bit like being at the worlds weirdest shopping centre I can think of better ways to spend three days, but needs must, and all that. It's one of the few times you get to see everything you've created all in one physical place, which I actually found rather emotional once I took it all in at 8pm Saturday evening. Although the paint fumes and two days without seeing sunlight may have played a part.


I would love to hear your views on the stand, maybe we should see it as a dress rehearsal for BigJon the shop?!

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