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Splendid Balls & Cracking Jokes

I've been getting my act together for Top Drawer Spring (Jan 12-14, Stand K25 - come and say hello and buy tons of cards, not in that order) and one question I know I am going to hear a lot is "do you have any Christmas cards?". Well yes, as a matter of fact I do. You see January is the magic month for buying and ordering Christmas cards, not for people living in a parallel Universe or anyone that's been in a coma, I'm talking Christmas 2014 not this one.  

So whilst most of you will be taking your BigJon Christmas cards down, I'll be putting these two new ranges up: Splendid Balls and Cracking Jokes, I'll let you work out which is which. Frustratingly it will be a good 10 months before you can get your mittens on these belters (unless you're super keen in which case you can email me), otherwise there are still heaps of gorgeous Crimble cards to be had on the site AND you can enjoy 30% off to boot.


I'd get a move on if I was you, 28 days from now and it'll all be over. Cry.

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